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    7120 Golden Ring Rd. Suite 118. Baltimore MD 21221

      Tel.(410) 682-4400  


    Retro Electric became incorporated on January 3, 1973, as a manufacturer of custom electrical controls. The company employs a staff of sales, engineering, production, delivery and service personnel.

    March of 1981, Retro was authorized by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc to UL label industrial control panels in compliance with UL standard 508 and Retro Electric file E76134 follow-up procedure.

    In January of 1986, a Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) system was installed in the engineering department. The CAD system is utilized for all shop drawings and comprises of AutoCad software on computer workstations, color E-size plotter, E-size toner copier and laser A-size printer.

    March, 1986, Retro established a Quality Assurance procedure under the requirements of MIL-I-45208A. This procedure pertains to the inspections, tests, calibrations and documentation necessary to substantiate product conformance to drawing and contract specifications.


    Retro is located in the Middle River area of Baltimore, MD.  Retro has the talent and flexible thinking to design control systems from a functional description, sequence of operation or comprehensive specifications. Retro works with municipalities, contractors, distributors, and major manufacturers such as Siemens, Allen Bradley, Asco, Cutler Hammer/Westinghouse, General Electric, Square D and Zenith to provide upgrades, service or completely wired and coordinated system for special applications.

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