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    7120 Golden Ring Rd. Suite 118. Baltimore MD 21221

      Tel.(410) 682-4400  

    Specialists in Design and Fabrication of Custom Controls


    Retro Electric Company, Inc. offers you important design and fabrication capabilities, diverse experience, flexible thinking, excellent quality control and reliable service.

    Retro can design systems based on functional description, sequence of operation or comprehensive specifications.  We can modify standard equipment in order to satisfy unique applications, or retro-fit existing equipment.

    • Instrumentation, telemetry and SCADA systems for water and waste water
    • Fire station central control consoles
    • Drawbridge systems
    • Gas turbine generators and load management controls
    • Automatic outdoor and interior lighting controls
    • Automatic Transfer schemes using circuit breakers or transfer switches
    • Temperature regulating systems for process control
    • Graphic display panels
    • Motor control and power distribution systems
    • UL-508A and UL-698A Industrial Control Panels
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